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GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Delhi Noida Gurgaon

Smart Safety india is not a name in the market; it is a “brand” when it comes to the best GPS Tracking System. We may not have a 20 or say 30 years of experience behind us, but we have that thing which motivated us during our journey to manufacture products that have given a run for money to the global product also. We believe that it's not about the experience that counts, it's the technology, vision, and skill that counts. We have successfully got along with our customers just by being honest with our products and services. We have a satisfied customer base of thousands and millions behind us. Together with our exemplary attitude to make excellent quality products and a dream to stand out as a global winner, we have created a benchmark for the rest. Currently, we are at a place in the market where, if we claim that we are the best then no one will contradict.

All the GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems we offer at Smart Safety India are subtle in size, and one can hide it anywhere to track the location of the subject. We have a diverse compilation of various types of GPS tracking Device ranging from the passive tracker to active tracers and hybrid trackers so that our customers can choose the products which are best suitable to their needs and budget. Not only this, but we also offer our customer an opportunity to get a fully customized GPS tracking devices for their bike, car, bus and any other vehicle. And all these quality of ours makes us different from our contemporaries.

We take pride in claiming that in order to cut out the extra cost and give out amazing quality products, we have our in quality house team of highly qualified professional engineers and technicians who perform 11 staged quality test, right from the initial stage till the final stage. In the quality process, our quality experts judge the quality across all levels of development of product so that there will be no shortcomings.

Reduce Maintenance and Fuel Costs

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems are designed to allow the user to optimize and analyze the most efficient route leading to less vehicle maintenance and lower fuel cost. When your subject or say driver take the most effective route you can save a lot of money on fuel.

Instant SMS or Voice Call Alerts

In the case of happening of any event in your vehicle, our GPS Car Tracking Devices reports instantly. Through the installed system, an instant SMS or say Voice Call Alert will generate on your mobile phone or tablet.


Now you do not need to ask or keep a regular track on the movement of your fleet or vehicle; all our GPS trackers come with the facility of GEOfencing. With this facility, you can set GEOfence Alerts, which will notify you instantly whenever your subject enters or exits your pre-defined area. These alerts can be generated through SMS or Voice Call.

Multipurpose Reports

Among all our contemporaries we take pride in having the GPS Car Tracking device and Bike Tracking System that have the best reporting system all over India. One can calculate, analyze and prioritize the business operation with the help of our reports tools inbuilt in our devices.

GPS Car and Bike Tracking System

GPS Car and Bike Tracking Device are the best way these days to keep a track of your vehicle or to protect them and save time. Our devices will never run out of function and will continue to run effectively for years. They are subtle in size also and can be fitted in hidden places of the vehicles.

The GPS trackers for Bike and Car are very different from each other. With our tracking solutions, you will able to immobilize your vehicle and make it impossible for the thief to take it further. Moreover, the stolen vehicle of yours can be located and tracked down within hours. Mentioned below are some features of our Car and Bike Tracking Systems:


  • Over speeding Alerts
  • Real-time location alerts of the vehicle
  • Immobilization features that prevents the vehicle from restarting.
  • Instant SMS and Voice Call Alerts
  • GEOfencing option, one can set virtual boundaries for the subject.
  • Route Playback feature that helps in viewing the route traveled by car or bike
  • Real-time tampering alert, if someone tries to tamper the installed GPS system.
  • School Bus Tracking System

    We believe that protecting the younger generation is highly important, and that is the reason we have come up with Tracking Devices that are specially made for tracking the School Buses. With our School Bus Tracking Systems, you can track the location of your child or student while he or she is traveling to school or from school. Instant notification to the mobile phone of the parents as to when their children enter or alights from the bus along with the time and location. Mentioned below are some features of our School Bus Tracking System:

    Real Time Tracking System

  • Real-time SMS and Voice Call notification to the parents upon the entry and exit of their children from school bus.
  • In case the devices get disconnect from the bus, it has a battery backup of up to 8 long hours.
  • When the vehicle is due for servicing, you will get a reminder through SMS.
  • Stores retrieval data
  • Tampering Alerts; in case the device attached to the school bus is tampered with.
  • Over Speeding Alerts
  • GEOfencing Option; one can set virtuals boundaries for the bus.
  • To monitor the activity of the bus driver and students, live video streaming feature is also available.
  • Fleet Management System

    At Smart Safety India, we believe that running a fleet is not an easy task, calling every individual driver in order to check the location of the vehicle is nothing but a wastage of time. That’s why we are here to offer and comprehensive and exuberant Fleet Management Solutions which will help one in tracking the location of the vehicles and reduce the operation cost through efficient real-time routing reports.Nowadays GPS Vehicle tracking system is very necessary because smaller Bike and Car is being stolen and GPS tracking Device has the ability to protect your costly Car, bike ,bus, truck or any type of vehicle at Delhi ,Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and all Over India


  • Overspeeding Alerts, undesired driving behavior, and excessive idling alerts.
  • Fleet Dashboard to access the overall fleet information on a single window.
  • Tampering Alerts; in case the device attached to the school bus is tampered with.
  • In case the devices get disconnect from the bus, it has a battery backup of up to 8 long hours.
  • Customizable fleet reports system.
  • Maintenance and fuel cost can be minimized with the help of efficient inbuilt route reporting systems.
  • Geofencing Facility to set predetermined virtual boundaries.
  • Track the location of fleet at the click of a button.
  • Fleet owner can review the performance of the drivers by reviewing their driving habits.
  • In case of a breakdown/accident, drivers can be located .
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