RFID Attendance System in India

SMS-based wireless and customized smart tracking solutions for students at 100% reasonable prices are available at Smart Safety India.

Smart Safety India Is the pioneer in providing RFID technology based student attendance Tracking Systems. We are a unique company providing distinctive, creative and easy to use smart and advanced RFID and GPS technology based student attendance automation solutions in India. We have tried our best to offer the customers of India a value for their money in the name of our products. That is the reason we are offering these high-class customised school attendance management systems that can suit your needs and requirements at such reasonable rates. All the products we have with us comes with a unique RFID Cloud Based WWAN (Wide Wireless Area Network) and Smart e-Pass Card based comprehensive Digital attendance solution made exclusively for schools, coaching and colleges.

We have a strong customer base in all over India especially in metro cities like mumbai, delhi, jaipur, calcutta, punjab etc. and are known to provide products that are at par with international products.

There are n number of schools and institutions that are using these tracking solutions to monitor the entry and exits of their students. All our RFID tracking solutions are perfect in every perspective such as they are highly customizable, and one can also get it customized according to needs and requirements.

Not only our RFID systems but all other products namely GPS Tracking Systems Biometric Attendance Tracker, Walkthrough Models posses the same features and same quality standards.

How RFID Attendance Systems and Biometric Attendance Works?

As such there is no rocket science involved in operating these systems. These systems are very easy to use. Simply, the student will have our unique customised RFID card tags, and they just have to show these RFID card to the device, the device will scan the unique Code RFID Tag; then stores and send data to our cloud server through GPRS after that an SMS will get generated and forwarded to the mobile of the parents. One just needs to plug it and switch it on; there is no need for any system and internet connection. Everything is inbuilt that makes it an easily operable device. The data also can be accessed from anywhere in the world since these devices are fully equipped with GPS and satellite technology.

What are the benefits of RFID Attendance Systems?

Undoubtedly, RFID school attendance Technology has taken the security industry by storm, and people are going berserk for this ultimate technology. Smart Safety e-solution�s RFID & Biometric Attendance management application available for schools, colleges and coaching institutions can offer a great help to them. Following are the key benefits that are associated with RFID-based Digital Attendance Management Systems have:

  • Time-saving, no manual roll call system or register maintenance.
  • Transparency and accuracy in student's attendance.
  • Enhance parents-school relationship and trust.
  • Real-time notification to parents.
  • A performance status that can be monitored easily.
  • We at GPS System India have a quality team of skilled professional who perform 3 stage quality tests to offer high-quality devices that can live up our customer's satisfaction. We avoid making comments on other RFID device manufacturer who are offering cheap quality Chinese devices, but we believe it is our responsibility to educate them and ask them to avoid wasting their hard-earned money on such cheap selling low-quality devices.

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