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Most probably you are here because you are in need of a Metal detector system or some security metal detector for your courthouse or shop. With us, you can easily rest assured as all our offering are as per industry standards when it comes to the safety of customers. With the rise in the rate of criminal activities, no one wants to stay behind the bad guys, it's wise to start using these metal detector security for the sake of safety and protection because sometime preventions are better than cure right?

Nowadays it is important to install a Hand Held Metal detector (HHMD) body scanner in public places such as hotel, supermarket, malls, stores and shops to avoid unwanted activities and create a safe environment. On one hand they can help in exploring contraband goods such as gun, knife, blades that can bring danger to people and on the other hand also prevent the thief from stealing goods. Rather the most important thing is to choose the perfect security metal detectors that is capable and stands tall in front of all its international counterparts.

At Smart Safety India we are offering our customers these hand metal detector that are here in various power source, series and other indications. All our metal detector systems are integrated and self-balanced having a walk and stop indications, string round panel, counter traffic display keyboard operating system and LED bar graph indication. Inside these Walk Through Detectors, there are volume and sensitivity switches there that can be adjusted accordingly. Moreover, all the detectors we have with us are manufactured under the guidance of our well qualified and skilled engineers and technicians who have been in this industry for over a decade and associated with international companies. Along with the already made detectors, we also offer our customers customization facility which gives them an opportunity to get them the desired product that stands on their needs and requirements.

All our metal detectors can be easily installed and put to operations right after that. We have made no compromise on our quality irrespective of outside competition and when it comes to Safety and Security Devices we avoid making such. We security metal detectors for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Along with these walk-through detectors, we are also providing lightweight hand-held metal detectors and remote security Management Systems that can be easily linked to these detector and one can set the settings as per the requirements.

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