Smart Safety India is India's answer to all top-class RFID-based Digital Attendance Management System and GPS Tracking System providers. All the products we have with us in our stocks are specifically designed and made to optimise the safety measures of the children. These tracking solutions act as a nanny for the little children and with its expertise, they keep the parents reassured about the safety of their child and school about their student’s attendance and security.

Our products are fully based on "INDO-GERMAN technology which has only been used by international companies, but now the people of INDIA can also get to use these high-class techno-fi products at very reasonable prices. If we talk about our much talked about RFID devices then it would be fair to quote them as “Security Specialists” as all our RFID-based Student Attendance Tracking System comes with tech-loaded smart RFID readers, cards and cloud servers with inbuilt internet facility which is supplemented through Radio-Frequency- Identification, Wireless Satellite Technology, Global Positioning System Technology, VSAT and GPRS that is why there is no need for any computer or internet connection.

Apart from RFID Systems we have our expertise in products namely GPS Tracking Systems, Biometric Attendance Tracker, Walkthrough Models and these products also possess the same features and same quality standards. The range of Biometric and GPS tracking systems we have with us for the schools, colleges and institutions can give a run for the money to the rival company’s products that are present in the market. When it comes to the technology with which these products are made up of then, we can proudly quote it to be the best at present in the market. Not only RFID systems but also we have our expertise in our all other products namely GPS Tracking Systems, Biometric Attendance Tracker, Walkthrough Models posses the same features and same quality standards.

The biometric devices we have are protected by encrypted servers on our cloud servers and can be used anywhere just by plugging in there is no need for extra computer setup or anything. Moreover as per the requirements and needs of the customers just like our RFID systems these GPS tracking and Biometric systems are customizable.

Why Smart Safety India products?

Mentioned below are some noteworthy features of that will distinguish our products from others and that make them class-apart.

  • Economical.
  • Virus Protected.
  • Touch Screen-based user interface that are easily monitored from anywhere in the world.
  • Inbuilt internet facility.
  • Products that are readily customizable as per the need, requirements and budget.
  • Every day SMS and Email report.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Constantly tracking and monitoring of student's academic progression through web-based biometrics.
  • Real-time notification to parents and many more.

Quality Quotient

As discussed above also that all the products we are providing are manufactured by qualified and skilled international engineers and technician. And not one but 3 stage testing methodology has been adopted as per all the national and international quality measures by our experts to offer our customers quality products. After that also, all the devices come with a standard warranty and guarantee so that in future also if any products face any trouble or customer need not to worry about anything.

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